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10+ Best Free Bootstrap admin templates


Before, the admin section of a certain web application was built solely for functionality, with not much of a consideration for its design. The good news is that things are transforming. Very strong functionality and appealing design, especially over the past few years, they been merging nicely. Now with the huge rise in demand for the Bootstrap framework, making an appealing and functional admin panel is now made easier and convenient.

If you want to get started, however, this collection of excellent and free admin templates will assist you in starting your project without using any money.


Lumino offers you a set of mobile reactive templates that are good to go anytime to be customized for your own project.

With a modern and clean design, Lumino should attract anyone who has plans to build an accessible dashboard for their project. If you customize the Lumino designs, it should not be an issue for anyone who is familiar with the Bootstrap framework.


Klorofil has a good looking design that also supervises to provide an influencing choice of templates for your dashboard.

While Klorofil's design is aimed at delivering a clean and accessible user interface, it is not a template that could be judged as imaginative or boring. To sum up, this design of the admin template takes the flat user interface approach. However, the slight shading of the panels will assist you to add few characters to any dashboard that is built with Klorofil.


Light Bootstrap has been created to help users in launching their own custom admin panel.

In spite of being a free download, this bootstrap admin template will assist you in creating an admin area that is premium looking. In addition, because of its flexible nature, users can easily select the backgrounds of the panel in order to display images.


The Black Dashboard is just another set of free Bootstrap admin templates that has a dark colour scheme. This is ideal for providing your admin area or dashboard or admin area with a memorable look, this templates definitely has a distinguishing style.


Brilliant has an easy design that can be customized thanks to the animation effects included. With a set of free animation effects to utilize, Brilliant provides users with a straightforward method to add some movement to their dashboard.


Paper Dashboard is a very popular Bootstrap template, it is free and can be easily customized. In spite og being a free dashboard template, the Paper Dashboard contains a premium quality type of design.


Matrix Admin is another one with a lot of feature Bootstrap admin template that’s totally free for use both on commercial and personal projects.

8.Modular Admin

If you’re observant to utilize open source tools for a project, then modular Admin is suitable since this has been designed to help you create a flexible admin dashboard area for a project.


MaterialPro is known as the lite version of its premium version Bootstrap admin template. If you’re searching for a free admin template with a high quality set of features, MaterialPro lite is suitable for you.


Shoppy is a dashboard template that is also free and comes with a strong aim on e-commerce related projects. Its default layout and configuration will give users a great insight into your online store or app.

11. Target

Target attains a fully modern appearance after being inspired by the Design handbook of Google Material. Built with HTML5, Bootstrap, and CSS3, this template provides clean and convenient code to make sure users are able to customize this free of charge admin template as much as they can.